Accademia Romana

PerĀ Aspera adĀ Astra

The life force of the universe takes many forms. Imagination, motion and art are vast manifestations of this force within us that unfold in one way or another.

At a time when western civilization is dominated by the most extreme ideals of objectivity, concrete and economic materialism; when mass psychology, mass propaganda and the theatrical show of dictatorships threaten our rights to live, feel, think and create as individuals, it is indeed necessary to claim the historically fated task of embodying the polar attitude to life thus acting as seeds, or as leaven to condition the reversal of civilization's ideals which is bound to come when the present tide has reached its limits.

In saying this we do not take side with any particular group-effort away from economic or philosophical materialism and the absolute domination of sensorial objectivity. We merely point out the historical necessity of our times, and the counterpoint of cultural trends already clearly emerging on the world stage.

The ambition of Accademia Romana is to push on toward new horizons, to extend our heritage into the regions of mental, emotional and physical experience, and to translate its discoveries to those who are on a quest.

Accademia Romana is open to all creative minds, from all spheres, who wish to advance in the development of the potentialities of the human being, including its physical dimensions, sensory abilities, and its instinctive dispositions. This embraces our social context, our natural environment and, beyong that, our unfathomable universe in which we all are bound to evolve.


Accademia Romana, MMXXIII